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How to get Medicaid-covered braces?

Braces are dental tools that help in mending problems related to teeth such as crooked/crowded teeth. However, a general dentist may take care of basic alignments and other dental issues, to treat issues with the alignment of your child’s teeth, you will have to see an expert Orthodontist.

The best Hanover dental at Primary Dental clinic can help you have comprehensive Medicaid-covered braces!

What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a program that helps in providing public assistance to children who need dental care in Illinois State. Dental care may include oral surgery, tooth extraction, and braces treatment. Dentists in Illinois set a limit on the number of Illinois Medicaid patients they will see. Thus, it gets hard to locate an orthodontist, dentist who is experienced and who accepts Medicaid in Illinois State. However, at Primary dental, the best Hanover dental clinic, we believe, a beautiful smile is the right of every child. Thus, we have set the procedure of getting Medicaid-covered braces within a few steps.

How to get Medicaid-covered Braces in Illinois?

In addition to providing low-cost health insurance for adults, children, pregnant women, elderly adults, and people with disabilities, Medicaid is also funded by the federal government. It is a healthcare assistance program for low-income families or individuals who may not be able to afford health care. The program is meant to help the patients in need but, one has to qualify certain criteria to be considered for Medicaid braces at Primary Dental

Getting Medicaid- covered braces is now an easy task of three steps at Primary Dental clinic- 

  • Contact our experts for consultation of Medicaid-covered braces. Get a consultation from our experts and discuss your child’s dental problem to see if you qualify for the criteria of getting Medicaid coverage.
  • Submit exam results to the state authority. You will have to submit the outcomes of your eligibility to the state authority so that they can cover your child’s treatment through Medicaid. 
  • Get Orthodontic treatment by an expert dentist. The expert orthodontist at Hanover dental takes up from here and treats your child with the best Medicaid-covered braces treatment.
  • Watch the beautiful smile grow. Even after the treatment, keep visiting the clinic for regular checkups and watch the beautiful smile of your child grow healthily! 

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