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What Steps Should be Followed for The Best Orthodontic Treatment Process at Growing Smiles?

At growing smiles orthodontics Hanover park specialists have innovative equipment’s for the best stepwise possible treatment 

Steps to be followed for the best treatment process at growing smiles

Step 1 – Orthodontic Consultation

Hanover park dental takes care of the lifestyle requirement of every patient. Hanover park Orthodontist will ask you about the stepwise treatment if it would be compatible with your profession & lifestyle. If it is incompatible for you then your complaint will be recorded by the Hanover park dental Orthodontists to give you more customized treatment. The main motive is to make the orthodontic treatment as comfortable & affordable as possible 

Step 2 Intraoral Photography

In this step Hanover, the park orthodontist recommends you to take pictures of focused mirror images through intraoral photography. The cause of the above step is to show the patient the extent of the bucktooth & for the orthodontist to study the case and plan the precise orthodontic treatment for you.

Step 3 iTero digital impression

A digital impression of your permanent teeth is taken. The iTero scan is concerned with an advanced 5D dental technology that captures the surface to record the digital impression by your Orthodontist at Hanover park dental. It helps to judge the best way to plan the accurate Orthodontic treatment. 

Step 4 – Orthodontic treatment simulation

The iTero scan mixes with the software which simulates the best orthodontic treatment outcome with complete accuracy even before the treatment starts to reduce the space for any human error.

Step 5- Extra oral Orthodontic facial judgment:

orthodontics Hanover park assesses your facial which will fall into the below categories.

 orthodontics Hanover park at Primary Dental specialist Based their planning of treatment on the shape of your head –

Dolichocephalic –In this category Patients have slightly narrow, dental arches, face & head.

Brachycephalic – Patients in this category usually have slightly short heads & broad dental arches.

Step 6 – Facial Form Assessment:

Our orthodontist at Hanover park dental will then upload facial pictures into Orthodontic assessment software. It will classify the facial forms into the following three

1) Euryprosopic– In this type, the face is usually short & quite broad.

2) Leptoprosopic – In this category face is narrow & long 

3) Mesoprosopic – normal average face falls under this type.

Step 7 – OPG (Full Mouth X-Ray):

A full mouth X-Ray will capture an all-around radiograph of all your teeth. This is crucial before leading Orthodontic tooth movement to spot any basic conditions such as caries or root infections.

Step 8 – Orthodontic braces selection

At orthodontics Hanover park we have a wide range of different types of braces such as:

Metal Braces 

Ceramic Braces 


Self-ligating braces

Lingual braces

Other things that enhance your growing smile:

  • Avoid eating hard, sticky or sugary foods, or don’t drink fizzy beverages:
  • popcorn, nuts, chips, chewing gum, toffee, caramels, cookies, and chewing an ice cube can damage braces or cause tooth decay.
  • Keep your mouth clean: 

proper dental hygiene can allow your teeth to move into the correct position quicker, and shorten the wearing time for your braces to regain your growing smile.

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