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When Are Dental Implants Necessary?

Hanover Park Implants helps to replace your missing teeth and secure loose dentures! Use your smile to change the world with Hanover Park Implants, don’t let the world change your smile!

Hanover Park implants help to create a permanent, strong foundation and structure for a replacement tooth which consists of an artificial tooth root placed in your jawbone. It is varied from other tooth replacement options because it not only replaces the tooth but the root as well. The dental implant is a durable and effective way for patients to experience the loss of a permanent tooth to restore their smile. permanent teeth are lost or degraded due to Infection, Injury, Periodontal disease, Tooth decay, Trauma, etc.

Dental implants are necessary in the following cases:

when you have missing teeth:

 Replacing missing teeth with Hanover dental implants is the most long-lasting option that will allow patients to eat, talk, and live their lives just as they had never lost their teeth. Our experts help explain to their patients how missing teeth not only affect the ability to chew, talk, and drink but also put them at risk for repeated headaches and infection.

When Dentures do not fit properly:

When dentures don’t fit correctly, they can ache and may cause discomfort. Then Hanover Park implants are a better and more secure option compared to dentures. Implants help patients who suffer from the discomfort of ill-fitting dentures. This helps prevent further gum irritation and decreases discomfort.

When there is a sign of infection:

Sometimes a patient gets an infected tooth due to periodontal disease and injury. But no matter what the cause is, if the infection gets adverse enough, the patient might benefit from Hanover Park implants. If the infection has spoiled the integrity of the tooth such that it cannot be saved, consider a Hanover dental implant. The implant will not only relieve the patient from the discomfort of infection, but it also will help to avoid more serious health problems due to untreated infection.

If you have an infection and need a dental implant, this would be a perfect time to discuss the dangers of untreated infections. It will not only lead to further tooth loss but can also spread to the rest of the body and cause additional health issues.

When the jawbone is deteriorating: 

If you have a missing tooth for a while, the jawbone may deteriorate. In addition to filling in for missing teeth, Hanover Park implants also help replace tooth structure. Implants are placed directly into the jawbone, which can help stop further decline. Without implants, patients face additional jaw problems that lead to additional tooth loss.

If Hanover Dentists observe signs of jawbone deterioration in their patients, they discuss the benefits of implants with them. Hanover Dental Implants reinforced the jaw and stop further bone loss caused by the missing teeth.

When the face is sinking in:

If a patient’s face has a caved-in appearance, he or she could likely get an advantage from dental implants. This sunken-in skin can occur in patients who wear dentures or when there is bone loss from missing teeth. Dentures don’t hasten bone growth like implants do, which means the bone continues to weaken. The natural lift that escorts implants give the face a more beautiful look and improve the ability to chew and speak.

To win your natural smile back, visit our Hanover Park Implants. Hanover Park implants help to maintain your healthy bite, keeping each tooth properly in place while supporting a healthy jawbone and stopping bone deterioration. 

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