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Why Replacing Lost Teeth is Important and Overview of Implant-Supported Dentures?

Teeth play a vital role as they assist you to chew and grind food, and clarify your speech and beautify your smile. Your teeth also play a critical role in forming a structure of your mouth and, replacing lost teeth can seem like a frightening task for patients. However, elevation in tooth replacement methods has given better choices to patients.

Importance of Replacing Missing teeth

When one or more teeth are lost, the surrounding teeth experience excess pressure. This raises the risk of tooth cracks, chips, or breaks. Without tooth replacement, the remaining teeth will shift to fill in the gaps in your smile. This creates bite alignment issues that require orthodontic intrusion before tooth replacement. Missing teeth also lead to plaque formation that results in gum infections.

Implants have become popular among patients to replace damaged or lost teeth. Providing a secure basis for removable teeth, you can enjoy the services of Hanover Park dental implants can be used instead of bridges and dentures or as a support for a dental plate. after this treatment, you will feel and look like your own teeth.

Hanover Park dental at Primary Dental implant uses advanced equipment in which implant is a small titanium post that gets fixed into the bone socket of lost teeth. The jaw bone nurtures back around the implant. When the implant and bone are fused, support is fitted to hold the new tooth securely, and a crown is then attached to the support.

A major benefit of Hanover Park dental implants is an enhancement in bite function. the bite pressure of implant-retained dentures is much stronger than that achieved by your teeth. The further advantage of implants is that they are almost indistinguishable from the surrounding original teeth. 

Thus, Hanover Park Children’s dentists at Primary Dental have all the related implants that provide a permanent solution, unlike bridges and removable dentures, which may have to be exchanged over time. Many people feel uncomfortable with supported dentures but taking care of implant teeth is the same as oral hygiene for your original teeth. You need to brush them but there is no need to apply fixative creams or to soak them overnight. surrounding teeth need not require any sort of adjustment.

 Meet our Hanover Park dental and Hanover Park Children’s dentist team:

Hanover Park children dentists are very enthusiastic to help patients and aid them to keep their smiles for whole life, but tooth loss is still the reality for many patients. If you are suffering from advanced tooth loss, talk to our Hanover Park children’s dentist about tooth replacement options. We’ll assess your smile, discuss your treatment options, and help you make the excellent choice to repair your smile to full form and function.

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