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How to Choose the Best Dental Veneers for Your Face Shape?

Dental veneers have gained popularity among people with chipped teeth, stained teeth, crooked teeth, and a gap between teeth. A thin porcelain cover is placed over the damaged tooth to hide the impairment and restore a natural appearance. 

When it comes to porcelain veneers, there are limitless options provided by Hanover dental to choose for your face shape. 


The suitable colour for your porcelain veneers is one of the most significant factors. Dentists at Hanover dental at Primary dental allow patients to see the various colour shaded on a standardized dental colour chart. 


 Hanover dental helps you in selecting the right shape for your veneers to retain a natural smile. Since every tooth is diverse, there are infinite combinations from which you can choose according to your face. Smile libraries have been created to help in choosing the right shapes. You can choose dental veneers from the smile catalogue for your tooth reference which is as follows:

· Aggressive: Square-shaped, uniform teeth for a daring impression. particularly for males.

· Mature: Square-shaped teeth with faintly rounded canines.

· strong: Square-shaped teeth with sharp and protruding canines.

· Dominant: Square-shaped teeth with more projecting front teeth and curved canines.

· Focused: rounded to some extent with square central incisors.

· Enhanced: Slightly rounded teeth

· Softened: Rounded teeth with the more inconspicuous bend.

· Hollywood: Square-shaped with slightly short lateral incisors. 

· Functional: rounded shape with sharp canines for perfect functioning

· Natural: Slightly rounded shape with very sharp canines.

· Youthful: Round shape with longer canines

· Oval: Round shape with smoothed canines and incisors.

·     FACE SHAPES: The shape of your face is of vital consideration while selecting veneers. Each type of face has an ideal tooth size and shape to balance the features to help you look impressive.

Significant things to be considered before You Get treated

1. Streamwood pediatric dentist can treat any disease or decay before veneers are placed.

2. If you have chipped teeth and want veneers, Streamwood pediatric dental recommend you wearing a plastic dental night guard while sleeping.

3. Veneers are permanent. A small layer of tooth enamel is removed by Streamwood pediatric dental to place the veneers. This process cannot be incomplete once the enamel is removed.

 After getting veneers to avoid biting your fingernails and chewing on hard objects. You can Communicate with your dentist at Streamwood pediatric dental if the veneers still feel awkward after a few days of use. You can also Discuss your prospects and treatment options with your dentist at Streamwood pediatric dental. Book an appointment with Hanover dental and Streamwood pediatric dental at Primary dental to learn more about how you can change your overall look with porcelain veneers.


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