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How to Fix Gummy Smile Correction with Best Dental Treatment?

A gummy smile occurs when more of your gingival tissue shows above the upper teeth when you smile. A gummy smile can be determined visually and is also observed when there are more than 4 millimeters of gum tissue is exposed. we’re here to help you attain the smile which you imagine whether you feel that you have a gummy smile. If you believe you have a gummy smile, it’s best to visit Hanover park Dentista at Primary Dental where an experienced dentist can take x-rays and do a few tests to fix the cause of your gummy smile.

After examination at Hanover park, Dentista can advise which type of treatment will be suitable to correct the amount of gum exposed when smiling. These possibilities will vary in cost, complexity, longevity of results, and possible risks. 

There are different ways to Fix Gummy Smile with Best Dental Treatment

1. Orthodontic Treatment:

If your mild gummy smile is due to orthodontic problems, then orthodontics like Invisalign or braces may be the first step because Hanover dental can help in correcting jaw problems that expose your gums while smiling. After treatment, many patients have fixed their bite issues and by extension, their gums appear smaller and more balanced with their straightened teeth and new jaw alignment.

2. Gum Contouring: Gum contouring is a cosmetic dental procedure that eliminates excess gum tissue and can involve using a laser to redesign the gums’ support. Your orthodontist at Hanover Dental at Primary Dental can outline the soft tissue of your mouth, and decrease the genetic and non-genetic origins of a gummy smile.

3. Veneers or Crowns: Dental crowns and veneers are used to make your teeth appear longer. They’re frequently fixed by the dentist at Hanover Park Dental when people have genetically small teeth or lost their teeth due to age or an accident. veneers or crowns help you revive your smile and improve your facial appearance with a cosmetic application that shortens the height and equalizes the fullness of your teeth.

 4. Lip Repositioning:

 sometimes the upper lip is short and flexible, and it exposes too much gum when you smile. It can be successfully treated with permanent surgery by surgeons of Hanover park Dental to restrict the motion of the upper. 

5. Botox:

Botox is a reasonable procedure to counteract the gummy smile when your lip has an extra-strong muscle that pulls it above the gum line. It temporarily paralyzes the muscles in your upper lip, so your lip won’t lift high. Though botox is an affordable treatment than other options to fix your gummy smile, the negative point is that its results are short-term.

6. Surgical Options:

Maxillofacial Surgery. In many genetic cases, a patient’s upper jaw called a maxilla is repositioned upwards by a bimaxillary orthognathic surgery at Hanover Park Dental to stabilize the patient’s tooth and gum display. This surgical option can be life-changing for individuals who did not even know there was something that could be done to regain their natural smiles.

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